Thursday, February 12, 2009

Antidote to Mondays: A Kitten's Collection

Monday was a bad day, as Mondays tend to be. I lost out on an editing job I put a lot of effort into getting, and I wanted it, and the circumstances pissed me off. But I don't feel like rehashing it--it's been hashed enough elsewhere--so even though the story better fits the theme of this blog, I'll just say that I was in a bad mood.

I didn't have any pressing deadlines, and I didn't feel much like working on my own stuff.

And I'd been letting the housework slide, because I'd been busy. I don't like housework, exactly, but I find it therapeutic sometimes, and I love the result. I can only truly relax in a clean apartment.

And housework, when you have a kitten, can be downright fun. Changing the sheets, for example, is pure adventure.

So I cleaned and straightened, etc. and eventually I got around to running the vaccuum. In the bedroom, I stuck it as far as it would go under the bed, and suddenly it made a funny sound. I pulled it out to find that it was eating a dirty dishrag. What?

I got down on my hands and knees, and had a look under the bed. Then I went and got a broom, and this is what I fished out:

*3 pens
*emery board
*dozen ponytail holders
*three post-it notes, two blank, one with a phone number for which I'd been looking
*one Ricola cough drop
*dozen balls and furry mice
*laminated bookmark, now decorated with teeth marks
*one band-aid, little cotton ball still attached, which I distinctly remember ripping off my arm and throwing in my wastebasket after a blood test a week or so ago
*two more dirty dishrags
*toothpaste cap
*two string babies (masses of yarn that used to be balls of yarn, which Annabel carries from room to room in her mouth)

Now, I work at home. I pick up things when I drop them on the floor. I don't store my dirty dishrags under my bed. (eww) Nor do I throw used band-aids under there. (double eww)

I don't see Annabel taking this stuff under the bed. Oh, sure I know the balls and mice go flying under there when she's playing, but the rest? I don't see her getting into the garbage, or the laundry basket, or in the little box of grooming supplies in the bathroom (which sits on the back of the toilet), or into the office supply baskets on my desk.

It appears that when I leave the apartment, Annabel has quite the romp. Who knew? She must be very graceful and careful, because I don't find things turned upside down. Is there a particular reason she takes office and grooming supplies? What does she intend to do with this load of crap? I asked her, but she's not saying. Perfect antidote to a Monday.


  1. Thank-you for your honest and very humerous writing style of the domestic writerly front. Your collection of oddities found give me rise to think; what is important and what is not. The tweezer can stay unfound for awhile when profundity is at the tip of the keyboard. Editor, I am a Virgo and definitely have that in my blood, I can relate. You certainly are well read with such a huge reading list. Are you a multi-task reader? Can you read more than one novel at one time? Do you like books on tape. Are there free ebooks? I have a Louis Lamour CD which I love to listen to before I pass out from a normal days work. What's wrong with me? Earthy and substantial (as in a woman of substance; I love your blog! :)ps you can check out my blog
    Warning: It is flitty and flaky (I think I need to specialize in one topic or another?)Any critism would be most appreciated. Please realize this; I hate editing my own work!:) Jane JOnes

  2. Yeah you may not see your little ball of cuteness taking the stuff but you can be sure she is smart enough to wait until you are out of sight! Why does she take these things? Because they belong to the one person in her life that she loves with all her little heart. The one person who takes the time to play, feed, and hold her when she needs it. Face it kid, you have made a difference in her life and she wants to show you. Even if she starts taking the pans you just cooked scrambled eggs in! LOL
    Thank you for the touching story, I am an animal lover as well...

    Cindy Hernandez


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